World leading cultivation partner at the heart of the EU

Science is what makes our hearts beat. Originating from the Delft University of Technology, applying that science as an engineering tool is how we feel we can contribute to improving the world we live in. Fully controlled open bioreactor cultivation is a recent field of innovation and only a handful of academic groups have successfully explored enrichment of undefined microbial communities. The OPE Group team has been formally trained at the world leading research group of Mark van Loosdrecht. This group is well known for creating the foundation of the state-of-the-art full scale biological waste water treatment technology. OPE Group technology is based on peer-reviewed publications in reputable journals including Nature. The company is based in the Netherlands, a hot spot for biotechnology and besides close ties with the DUT, the Leiden Bioscience Park is equally important. This hub for life sciences is the world’s third largest and provides ample infrastructure and inspiration for innovation.