A revolution in microbial cultivation:

Quantitative Cultivation Technology


Innovation derived from the field of microbial community engineering Cultivating microbial communities demands real-time, detailed information about the bioreactor conditions. Through quantification of the dynamics in the bioreactor as it occurs, this technology enables the design of processes without control over the exact microbial species in the bioreactor. The same principles can also be applied to conventional monoculture fermentation processes in which it enables process optimalization an advanced troubleshooting.

We operate in three domains

Biological Interactions

Cultivation of microbial communities relies solely on naturally occurring microbes. With inviting all microbes into the laboratory, OPE Group delivers an opportunity to find any microbial functionality in existing natural pathways only. Only using natural resources an without applying genetic modification technology, the resulting processes are inherently sustainable.

About OPE Group

OPE Group specialises in complex cultivations of microbes and microbial communities. Originating from the Delft Technical University, our services and products are based on the most recent scientific developments in the cultivation of microbes in open systems. The application of our technology is broad, from characterising microbes and fermentations, to biodiscovery in microbes that have never been cultivated before. With a nimble team and access to state-of-the-art equipment, no cultivation project is too complex. Have you ever looked at you fermentation as a black box? We can offer insights in processes with multiple unknown variables.

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