Quantitative cultivation technology

The core innovation of OPE Group is based on the fully controlled cultivation of microbes in bioreactors. By monitoring all material that is going into and coming out of the bioreactor, a full mass balance can be drawn up. The full accounting for all compounds is done in real-time. This offers great detail on what is happening in the bioreactor at specific timepoints and in which order events occur.

Quantitative cultivation enables keeping control of the cultivation even after unexpected disturbances like changes environmental conditions or contamination with unintended organisms. It also opens up the window to effectively manage cultivation of microbial communities. Whether the composition of the microbial community is defined or not, the reactor can still be controlled towards a specific end-state. Advantages are that cultivations can be maintained longer on average, decreasing reactor downtime. It also allows for less stringent operating conditions, which saves preparation time and cost.

Supercharge your biotechnology through closing the mass balance of your fermentation today!