Exploiting sustainability

Instead of trying to force natural processes to change to maximally benefit humankind, OPE Group works from the philosophy that nature already has the best solution and we only have to find it. It means that all of our solution are fully sustainable, we are not changing natural occurring processes to benefit ourselves, we are only looking for existing natural processes that synergise with the needs that we have. In fact, through microbial community engineering, we are exploiting the tremendous wealth of natural resources hidden inside living organisms.

Imagine that no more that 1% of all microbes on earth have been cultivated in the laboratory. Combine it with the undiscovered pathways and genes inside the microbes that we know and you will realise that nature has so much more to offer. At OPE Group we have technology to access al this hidden wealth of possibilities. We offer the tools to find solutions outside of the box, but all from nature itself, giving a truly sustainable starting point to your biotech application.